Monday, March 27, 2006

Around the Horn - SS

Well another day and we are closer and closer to spring training. Some quick notes: Dustin Mohr will be heading out of Boston pretty soon and the Sox will be getting nothing for him. Mohr's great spring did not go unnoticed by other clubs and there are plenty of teams who are interested. Unfortunately, his out clause in his contract makes him a free agent on the 30th, meaning clubs are in no rush to give up something when they don't need to. Poor Tony Graf was put on waivers the other day, securing his exit. The sox are still looking for a suitor, but will cut him by wednesday if they dont find anyone in order to not pay him they full years worth.

Beckett full of steam against philly....good thing....i like it

Foulke looks impressive....I like it

Schilling has not hit anyone in the head lately.....I like it

Coco is a cool guy his is speedy (2 stolen bases the other day)....i like it

Varitek is struggling at the plate, hitting a monster .125...ouch

I dont know about you but I am so ready for this season to start


Around the Horn - SS

Alex Gonzales, Alex Cora

We saw my thoughts on Cora under the 3rd base section so I'll concentrate on our newbie. I will say however, that I like Cora much better at second base than I do at 3rd. Alex Gonzales...our star free agent pick up of the off season. And he wasnt even our first choice, but with the stellar defensive skills I'll take that flashy leather anyday. All accounts point to Gonzo whipping out a great year defensively. He was sold as a defensive guy and, if what we have seen in Florida so far is any sort of preview, than any Fenway ticket holder should keep the camera out to get that killer shot of Gonzo doing his catch the ball throw the guy out thing. One thing to think about is his past. The man has been in sunny Florida his entire career. Is a switch to Boston in April going to hurt him. I hope not. Offensively he is not as stellar. Hitting .118 this spring there is definetely something to be desired there. But then again it is only spring training...than again am I making excuses because I love defensive baseball. Gonzo will be the starting SS, but the question is can he pick it up defensively?

Alex Gonzalez is the story of 2 men here : First guy does everything defensively except turn triple plays on the first pitch of the game. Man is solid. Second fellow struggles at the plate and worries me a ton. He will hit 9th, which is a good spot for him. But if Lowell struggles as well it could be a quick bottom of the order. Another wait and see.

For a grade, Im giving him 2 because I run this show and I am biased for the guys defense.

Offense : D (D+ says the bias guy in me)
Defense : A

I guess you cant get it all!


At 1:03 AM, Blogger Ron Sen, MD said...

How the heck do you follow the Sox from Paris?

should be a fascinating year, lots of subplots...


At 10:38 PM, Blogger Jere said...

Hey, I hope you keep this blog going. Please do.


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