Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bye Bye Bronson

In an act that really tweaked my nerves, the Sox, as everyone is aware of right now, sent versatile right hander Bronson Arroyo to the Cincinatti Reds along with cash considerations for the big man with high expectations and a low (LOW!!!) on-base percentage: Wiley Mo Pena.

First, Bronson: Bronson was one of my favorite sox. He had loyalty, and not just loyalty, I'm talking serious, I only want to play for the sox Loyalty, with a capital L. At 29, Broyo was not exactly young, but hey, he was not old either. With a high leg kick that almost hits third base, the rocker led the team in quality starts last year. With an ERA around around 4 and potential to win around 12-14 games every year, the kid was great insurance against an injury to one of our dinosaurs. Sure he would have started the season in the bullpen and would have pitched incredibly well there in long relief spot start. Bronson, in January signed a major home team discount in order to stay with the Sox. The GMin charge at the time, Hoyer (Wesleyan grad.), had told the pitcher that there were no plans for him to be traded and, even against the advice of his agent, who said the discounted contract would make Bronson vulnerable to trades with low-market teams (agent Cleo), Arroyo signed. Ok, did the Sox wrong my man? No, they did not. It is a business and a tough one ("pieces on a freakin chess board man! - Bronson), but there was no trade clause in the contract. It is painful and tough news. And I am disappointed, but hey, thats the game. Bronson, we will miss you and wish you the best of luck and a great season. Prove us wrong.

Second: The new Mo! Honestly, I was initially extremely upset by this move. I had kind of tracked Wily Mo the last couple of years and was not impressed. He has power and a little speed and supposively a good arm, but did THEO WATCH THE REDS RED SOX GAME LAST YEAR???? He was horrible. But he is young, and raw. This is a very unTheo move and after doing a little more research I have changed my stance from horribly disppointed to merely disappointed and intrigued. I think we will miss Bronson and Mo is a wait and see on my part. TO me, this trade is a risk, give up versatile pitching for a high potential, possibly low production guy. Again, Wily Mo, prove me wrong. Take a pitch or two and please get to know the right field corner. As I see it. It is a wait and see.

Third THing: Did the trade hurt the Red Sox rep? Are players going to be less encouraged to sign with the sox because of the all business mentality shown through this trade? Maybe, but doubtful. People hurt here, Bronson, obviously, and a little less under the radar, but none the less important: non-roster invitee Dustin Mohr, who has been having a monster spring. The arrival of Wily Mo means goodbye Bronson and goodbye Mohr (as well as Juan-Gone but really who cared?). Both instances are painful for the respective players, and I was encouraged by Mohr and his abilities to be our 4th or 5th outfielder, but everything was done to 'better the team' or so we will see. Will players not play here because of the business of the Sox? Yes they will play here, but it is a risk. As it is everywhere. Should the Sox think about offering players no-trade clauses? No, I like that policy and too many teams have gotten screwed by selfish players with massive contracts. Are players going to continue wanting and demanding no-trade clauses, particularly now? Yes. Job Security. Sorry guys.

Point Being: Bronson, we will miss you something wicked and we hope you freakin tear it up in Cinnci; Wily Mo, welcome to the sox, I hope youare as good of a person as Bronson and I hope your production levels rise. Red Sox,I know it is a business, and I forgive you because you did nothing wrong, but thats a tough call there boys.

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