Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fantasy Time

Alright folks, Fantasy Time. Whats my team? Who are my players, sleepers, great draft choices?

Around the Horn
1st base : David Ortiz, Mark Texeira
2nd base : Mark Loretta
3rd Base : Eric Chavez, Mike Lowell
SS : Carlos Guillen
Catcher : Victor Martinez
OF : Coco Crisp, Maglio Ordonez, Tori Hunter
Bench : Clint Barnes, Shawn Green, Jacques Jones

Starters : Dontrelle Willis, Kerry Wood, Danny Haren, Brad Radke
Relievers : Mariano Rivera, Danny Turnbow, Tom Gordon, Justin Duchscherer

Problems to be addressed : Outfield; i like Crisp, he is going to have a huge season, other than that I don't have any boppers. Anybody know of some sleepers.
Starters : Kerry Wood is unrelieable at best, and might even be in the bullpen this year, leaving me with Willis and Haren with Radke as a 3,4 guy in my book. My wins are going to get me in trouble. Suggestions?
Utility : Right now, I have Lowell slotted in there, and while I think he could have a resugence in Boston, his spring numbers are killing me. Ill give him a chance during the year, but my string is pretty short here.

Sleeper of the day : Clint Barnes. This ked was having a stellar year and running away with rookie of the year honors before he fell down the stairs and broke his collarbone. Grab him if you can and look out for some bi numbers, assuming he is completely healthy as he says he is. Low risk cheap pickup.


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