Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coco and Trot

Coco; will be a great lead off hitter. Better speed than Damon, better arm, still hard to say who is better. Personality to boot though. PLus we are paying him a lot less than Damon. And his name is Coco. Will score tons of runs, steal some bags and be great tempo setter when he returns. Defensively, will be better than average, particularly after learrning the crazy turns of Fenway. Trot: as much as I love Trot, I just have this feeling in me that he is going to go down this year, He already hurt himself, though not for very long, but I don't know how if he can hold up. But seeing as it is his free agent year, he could prove me wrong. He is an average fielder and ok offensively. Look for him to be gone next year (prove me wrong Trot).


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