Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Different Approach

2nd Base - Mark Loretta

I loved this transaction when Theo pulled it off. Obviously I am going to miss Mirabelli, I thought the bare handed batting was awesome, not to mention his ability to catch the butterfly. But Loretta was coming kinda cheap. A backup catcher for an everyday player? Gotta do it. Coming off a bad year full of injuries, I think Loretta is prone to pick it up this year and have a great season. Particularly hitting in front of the mashers. Serious runs coming from this man. If he can stay healthy, I think he can, of course with the help of manny and papi, throw up a monster, possibly all star year.


1st Base - Kevin YoukyYouk and Snowballer

Another transaction I liked was snow. Not much of a risk and a great defensive player. I think Youk will be much better than Millar, even though i loved that dude. Youk has already showed us so far this season that he is taking the position seriously, with some stellar defensive plays. While an on-base machine, Youk really is not your typical corner infielding power hitter. I am expecting, offensively a great on base percentage, which will help with his run total; a decent average and not much power. Snow I am not expecting much of as far as offense goes, but he will be a great late inning replacement with the occasional start at first.



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