Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Pen - DiNardo, Foulke, Papelbon, Seanez, Tavarez, Timlin, Van Buren

Ok, Here is the tricky part. We have Riske on the DL, and I'm hoping he can provide anything when he gets back. Foulke seems like he he maybe could might possibly turn into Foulkey of 2004, or not. Seanez is only impressing me in the fact that he is a beast. Van Buren will head to AAA soon. The Sox will regret they signed Tavarez due to one of the following possibilities : A) many suspensions; B) Injury due to punching a phone, water cooler, wall, somebody...; C) He kind of sucks; D) a little bit of everything. I like Dinardo, but I am not sure if he will be up in the bigs for much longer, unless everyone sucks. Timlin is a rock like always, off to a great start. Papelbon is the 2 week favorite for rookie of the year. Kids gots it going. But...BUT...I would hate to see him stuck out in the bullpen all season bc everyone else sucks when he could be starting. Fortunately, we have Delcarmen and Hansen waiting partiently to be called up when the others turn out to be complete busts. Expect some bullpen turn over throughout the year.

C- unless the game is 7 innings by the starter than Timlin and Pbomb...than it would be an A


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