Sunday, April 30, 2006


Ok. Last post was a rather optimistic view of the future of the sox. The ones before that were generally optimistic views of the present. This one, I am sorry everyone, is exclusively pessimistic. Go ahead and tell me the sox are in first place and Schilling and Foulke look like their 2004 selves and Paps is holding down the bullpen raking in saves in record fashion. But, in doing my daily tour of sox blogs, I came across three, normally well written insightful blogs saying that we sucked on this road trip against two very good teams, but that is ok bc we are heading into a 3 game set against the devil rays who we will sweep like normal and have momentum going into the yankees series.

We lost the first game in Florida.

More blogs about the second game. We won in great fashion bc the sox were able to come back. THREE TIMES. Ok yes that is good that we swung the bat some. But we let up 6 runs to the devil rays. That hurts my pride that a come back win against the D-rays is the best news the sox had this week.

Dear coco. Get better

Dear Roger. Save me.

Dear Foulke. Take over the closer role

Dear Paps. Become a dominating Starter

Dear Mikey. Stop throwing the ball away

Dear Mark. You dont need coco to be good

Dear Gonzo. Sigh

Dear Manny. Hit more HRs

Dear center field. tear

Dear craig. Help us

Dear Jon. Help us

Dear Red Sox organization, have you seen my pride lately. Crying a lot lately,

Love chris


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