Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Schilling looks like Schilling of old; Beckett seems to be everything they expected; Wake is himself and will be good for 15 wins and around 4 era; I never liked the Clement signing and I still don't. He could be great (so much potential just waiting to emerge they said.) Well I don't think it will emerge and if it wasn't for his over-generous contract he'd be gone. Wells should retire right now and save everyone the trouble. 100% this is his last season. How about 100% you already threw your last pitch? People talked before the season about the pitching depth we have. I'm worried, but Im a sox fan and thats what I do. We need more than a dominant Schill/Beckett combo...If Foulke regains control and goes 2004 style, Paps will come into the starting rotation for an ineffective Wells who will complain about how he should be the number one guy while on the DL and we will be fine. Wild Card on Clement.

B to B+ (probably more but I'm serious pessimist here)


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