Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'll believe that when...

So after yesterday's victory over the O's, I made my rounds to best inform myself of the game. Several things hit me as funny/good/miraculous. The thing would be the offensive resurgence of the Sox yesterday. Of course, there was a time when 9 runs was not an explosion for the Sox, but rather a good day at the plate (remember when like 24 runs was an explosion?). But the Sox, led in part by AGon (what???) put up 5 in the first inning and 9 runs total. I like it when they do that. But one thing is for sure. Wakefield deserved it. After pitching very well almost every start. He finally got himself some run love.

The next issue is the resugence in suckiness from Seanez. The man is just plain bad and, unless he returns to at least a shadow of how he pitched last year (2.69 era in 60.1 innings), he needs to just get out of Boston. This year he has posted, in 11 earned runs in 11.1 innings, 14 hits, 4 homeruns and 6 walks. You are great.

Of course, no game that includes Julian "I wish I was as bad-ass as Seanez" Tavarez would be complete without a little drama. After hitting Luis Matos on the hit, Tavarez (whose stat line is pretty bad at 13 hits 6 earned runs, 3 homeruns, a HBP and 4 walks in 11 innings) exchanged some words with his 'buddy'. The benches cleared but nothing happened, fortunately. Said Tavarez, "I'm not here to start anything. I'm not here to embarrass the Red Sox organization. I'm a better person than that." I guess he forgot who he was.

Also, for next week's Yankees we will see Beckett followed by Schilling and Wake. Pretty good.


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